Hey UCSF employees

Brian Robertson

You took care of my spouse at UCSF Mission Bay and now you are putting it all on the line for others. Hope you stay safe and want to thank you for helping out.

To the Those Working In Hospitals

Brian Robertson

Dear frontline workers,

I want to take the time to express my gratitude to you. This has been a rough time in our history and the dedication you put towards ending this pandemic will not go unnoticed. You are so incredibly special, brave, and persistent.

Best, Olivia

A letter to our frontline healthcare workers

Brian Robertson

You are truly a hero, we admire your enthusiasm, kindness, and compassion. Hope you stay positive because we all know it will be ended someday. Thank you for making this through because of your bravery and dedication to mankind. Stay Safe!


Brian Robertson

Angels are not in heaven but right here treating and caring about the patients relentlessly. Words are not enough to thank angels like you who sacrifice everything. Respect, love and courage to all of you.